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This is the 2.5 tonne diesel model equipped with a 4.7 metre container spec mast and solid wheels. 

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• Inviting operator compartment with excellent all round visibility.

• Powerful, dependable, easy to service engines with low emissions and fuel consumption. 

• Vehicle control Module manages various truck and operator functions allowing easy trouble shooting and pin pointing of problems.

• Dual element cyclone air filter with high air intake reducing maintenance.

• Powershift transmissions that are easy to operate and service.

• Fingertip hydraulic controls mounted on a fully adjustable armrest for optimum load handling and easy maneuverability.

• Hydrostatic steering for increased productivity.

• LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance state. It also indicates service requirements to prevent unexpected down time and cost due to unscheduled maintenance and service.

• Presence Detection System (PDS) prevents truck operation when operator is not seated.

• Operator Pin code to prevent unauthorized usage of the truck.

• LED lights on the front work lights and front/rear combination lights reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

• Automotive style brake system, self energising and self adjusting.

• Double action parking brake with audible alarm.

• Catalytic converter to further reduce exhaust emissions (optional on diesel engined trucks).

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• Panel cabin options.

• Wide range of masts.

• Hydraulic valves and piping to control auxiliary attachments.

• Elevated exhaust.

• Catalytic converter to further reduce exhaust emissions.

• Cooling options like coolant level warning, anti clogging radiator and “easy to clean” dust proof net to cope with dusty and dirty applications.

• Tyre options like pneumatic tyres for special surfaces and dual tyres for even better capacity or lower ground pressure.

• Power-line options like drive shaft protection, torque converter temperature warning and special dust protection breathers.

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• A wide range of features allows you to match the specification of your Cat lift truck to your application. A double air filter, for example, is fitted to provide increased protection for the engine in dusty applications such as in mills and brick yards, or the optional lifting eyes can be attached to enable the truck to be hoisted on to a ship or lorry for port-based or mobile use.

• The DP models are equipped with powerful, industrial strength, dependable and easy to service S4Q2 and S4S diesel engines with low emissions and fuel consumption.

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